Why I left Chrysler.

I noticed you may have retired but it seemed a little sudden.  I took buyout from Chrysler cuz I was poisoned (Heavy Metals) mixed acid solution in my Gatorade. It was 2008 when the auto sector crashed and burned and oil was 145 a barrel.

 They also had a changeover which required less than half the people they already had and people were nervous. I did not realize there were so many psychopaths living among us.

     I did make them look bad on somewhat of a regular basis only because that was how bad they were. I increased production on the older line by more than 200 units a day. The old line was marked to be scrapped when the new one was to be put in except a Russian Company Gaz ended up buying the old line for 200 million. After all, it ran so well and an increase of 200 units is around 4 million in productivity per day.

 I suspected if I had a scrapped line maybe I could sell it without corporate knowing about it. Or only a small group knowing about it but I was not about to go to try to confirm that.  Besides, if they want they can turn off the factory information system and run cars for a while right off the docks without anyone knowing about if they want.

    So I detoxify all the time and do odd jobs while I recover to find a job. Dave Kryskowski had a patented infrared video camera he was selling and lately patented a newer more powerful one that some company is supposed to develop to sell and Dave would get a small royalty but I have not heard anything new with that and wonder if there was a design flaw or not. Ed showed me a little of the proof of concept he has on laptop but it was just a glimpse and also over my head.


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