Working at Daimler Chrysler

When I worked at Daimler Chrysler I worked as a maintenance pipe fitter. I was a scab off the street so I had to show 8 years worth of work letters. I worked in the machine tool industry including hydraulics and air logic build. When I got there I found that about half of the pipe fitters were actually plumbers from local 51. Needles to say I constantly made them look bad working on the assembly line. I do not know where they got their electricians but I made them look bad on several occasions. It is quite possible why I was poisoned but I am not sure because you have to be a psychopath to go around poisoning people. And there were a number of people that were poisoned. Mostly written off as heart attacks.I lived probably because I had a background in consuming dangerous poisons and had built up a resistance. Also because I am mostly Irish. The Union stewards are a little funny. One of them owns an apartment complex on Higgins Lake. Two of the new management bosses came from countries south of the equator. Each with fresh foreign accents. Why does John Sausi like to threaten his trades people with jail? Why does John walk through the showers every morning? Does he like to see who is hanging? Does John’s favorite go to electrician remember how many people he was told to poison? Stay tuned for these and more questions after a word from our sponsor. There were a few hoists used by production people to lift heavy parts and put into the assembly line. For several days they were failing to work. No one knew what to do. Even the Germans could see the problem on the fics (Factory Information control system). One day I took the liberty to drain the oil lubricant reservoirs on them and replace with a lightweight lubricating oil. Problem solved. You are welcome.


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