Working In The Basement Of Paint At Daimler Chrysler.

Working at Daimler Chrysler paint shop for 8 months. Most of the time I worked in the sludge department. Sludge was (paint over spray) was processed and pumped out to waste treatment. One day for some reason the panel for controlling the pumps to waste treatment failed and rafts could not be done and waste was building up in the sludge tank. There was talk of reloading the PLC program but that was not getting done for some reason. I talked to the Boss and told him to bring the laptop with the PLC program for that particular panel. He readily located the floppies and laptop so I instructed him to explore the program and I would tell him when to stop. He scanned through the program and I recognized the area in the panel and the offset numbers that was needed. I simply copied the offset and manually entered it into the keypad in the Control panel in the correct digital location. We were able to do rafts once again saving the department from another calamity.


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