The Future Of RF Tags and the Future Of Transportation.

Working at Daimler Chrysler and seeing how easy it would be to shut of FIS system and run cars off the line without having any accountability made me think of using RF tags on various automotive parts to keep track of vehicles if necessary. RF tags would check in automatically at the dealer reporting vehicle information directly into the local computer system. It might be possible that they can be used for pay toll road access and even automatically deducting funds from vehicle account or social security account.
Fed Ex and United Parcel could have greater ease of automatically keeping status of inventory. Anyone who used a scanner type system can understand the frustration that can occur and the need for more workers to utilize the system.
As far as vehicles is concerned and the concept of energy supply and costs automotive managers will need to take a deeper look into converting over to a comprehensive rail road system. If automotive companies were to step up to the plate they can be in the drivers seat and take the profits from the Alternative technology.

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