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Why I Left Chrysler

Why I left Chrysler
Came back to Chrysler after layoff and increased production from approx.750 units a day to 1130 units a day..Someone said they did not want to bring the whites back. I Kept the assembly line running in Assembly area. Increased production by 400 units a day and facilitated the sale of the “scrapped” assembly line to the Russians. (GAZ). The assembly line was scheduled to be scrapped but the Russians bought it instead for over 100 million. (Thanks to my production increase) Shortly afterwards an electrician slipped me a mickey made of toxic brew and I almost died and nobody cared so I took the buyout and left. They did get Roger Painter and no-
one knew any better. even an extra 230 units a day comes to an increase of 4,600,000 in daily productivity. Meanwhile oil prices hit 148.00 a barrel and the CEO found himself flying a corporate jet to congress to ask for a multibillion dollar bailout. I lived after the poisoning and some even referred to me as Lazarus. Since the company was bankrupt and taking train loads of workers away with buyouts, I simply hopped on the buyout train and left when no one was looking. I can not say exactly when the Germans dumped the company and got out but it was very close to the time an article appeared in the paper about In 1997, Pearle Vision bought out the 150-store Nu Vision chain in Michigan.[1] The CEO of Home depot left (with 200 million) and showed up at Chrysler but said he would not take a wage. I still do not know why Steve the electrician wanted to poison me. It could be simply a psychopath with parents that are multimillionaires looking for fun.
One might have thought the poison was a drug and it did appear as though when the last of the model cars were being made (as it was changeover) somehow the FIS System (Factory Information System) was turned off for about 45 minutes while cars were being built. It appeared as though someone rolled off with about 800,000,00 worth of cars right under everyone noses. It turned out Max. line speed at 1 unit every 47 seconds on the former assembly line.

The Future Of RF Tags and the Future Of Transportation.

Working at Daimler Chrysler and seeing how easy it would be to shut of FIS system and run cars off the line without having any accountability made me think of using RF tags on various automotive parts to keep track of vehicles if necessary. RF tags would check in automatically at the dealer reporting vehicle information directly into the local computer system. It might be possible that they can be used for pay toll road access and even automatically deducting funds from vehicle account or social security account.
Fed Ex and United Parcel could have greater ease of automatically keeping status of inventory. Anyone who used a scanner type system can understand the frustration that can occur and the need for more workers to utilize the system.
As far as vehicles is concerned and the concept of energy supply and costs automotive managers will need to take a deeper look into converting over to a comprehensive rail road system. If automotive companies were to step up to the plate they can be in the drivers seat and take the profits from the Alternative technology.